Travel to your next load is paid by the company.


Unimark pays undecking fees, cabs, Uber, airfare, fuel, hotels that are job related. Personal expenses are the driver’s responsibility.

Do you have forced dispatch?

No, when a load has been completed dispatch determines the best location to send the driver for their next load. When driver arrives at that location they can choose what load they want.

Do you have health insurance?

Yes, We offer a competitive insurance plan driver and family.

When will I get paid?

As long as your trip documents are in payroll by 5pm Monday you will be paid that Friday.

Do you have direct deposit?

Yes, all drivers are paid through Direct Deposit to their personal account.

Will tools be required?

There are basic and some specialty tools required to perform your job duties. These tools can be purchased at cost during training and payroll deducted. If you would like a complete list of tools contact recruiting.

*For complete details and requirements, please call recruiting at 1-866-254-2884
**Information subject to change without notice.